Blue Ocean Society Website Redesign
For this project I wanted to redesign the Blue Ocean Society's website. The global climate crisis, as identified by the United Nations, is a serious issue. The groups combating this issue have the tough job of fostering in us a sense of stewardship as well as educating us. They must compete with many other entities vying for our attention.

My approach was to have their website tell the story of corporations' destruction of our oceans to create an emotional impact in the viewer to drive action. While this organization focuses on many aspects of the crisis, I chose to focus on plastics in the ocean for the home page.

You can learn more about plastic bags from Greenpeace here, the great Pacific garbage patch from the Ocean Cleanup here, or plastics overall from the International Union for Conservation of Nature here.
Below is an alternate image I worked up as a landing page option. Ultimately it seemed too far removed visually from conservation of the ocean, so I decided to go in a different direction, but it does make the kind of impactful statement I'm going for. 
It begins the story of ocean acidification from the collection and burning of fossil fuels by large industry, which is a huge, parallel issue to plastics in the ocean. You can learn more about it from the NOAA here or from the Ocean Conservancy here

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