The Herpetologist's Playing Cards

I illustrated and designed this deck of poker sized playing cards for people interested in reptiles and amphibians, or herps.* The illustrations were completed in Procreate. The design of the cards, box, and poster showcasing the project were completed in Adobe Indesign. The poster was shown in WCC's Student Art Show. 

Unlike my other graphic design work shown on this site, what you see here are photographs I took of the physical work I produced by hand (the box) and outsourced (the deck).

*Herpetology is the study of amphibians (e.g. salamanders, toads, and frogs) and reptiles (e.g. snakes and turtles). These critters are often affectionately known as "herps." Frogs, toads, and salamanders in particular are indicator species because they are highly sensitive to changes in their environments. By keeping tabs on their population and health, we can get a sense of the overall health of the ecosystem they live in.
Below is a mockup of the poster that I printed and displayed in the WCC Student Art Show.
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